Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Green Horse and The Flash

It's been a few days. I've been swimming and swimming. The water has gotten warmer, and the water has turned greenish. I'm not sure were I am, I can't remember what I'm looking for.
"Were am I now?" Lime asked. It was sort of damp and dark. Bugs flew around.
"I must be in a forest."
Lime turned around in the water, and saw a green horse grazing on the fresh green grass.
Lime swam up to it and got out of the water.
"Hi!" Lime said.
"Hiya!" The green horse said. 
The horse trotted across a weird bridge thing, and Lime followed.
They walked through some trees.
"By the way... I'm Leaf." The horse said.
"I'm Lime." Said Lime.
"Nice ta meet ya!" Said Leaf.
They walked up some stairs, and suddenly a flashback came across Lime.
The trees. Yes, yes, we just walked through them.

The stairs. I walked up them.

I looked around and saw...
A rug. What happened next??? Oh yes.
That phantom!

Yes, yes! He took me!
That cage!
There she is! That snake!!
It was awfully cold...
Yes, thats how I escaped.
That freezing water...
There... I was just there.
I remember!

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  1. Hi! I'm MomSandy, one of your buddies on AJ, and I've made a Lime story of my own at (you can take a look if you want)!