Thursday, March 8, 2012


I've been at this castle for a while now... When will I leave? It's been 4 days now. This is getting pretty dull.  I've just been stuck up here, freezing my fins off.
The bright morning sun made me open my eyes. Still half asleep, I stumbled to my feet. After shaking the ice off of my feet, I looked around. There was no ice separating me and the world! Did they let me go???
I climbed down the ladder cautiously.
I almost slipped down the steps!
"Green, hurry and get me the pitcher of snow." I heard the green snake say.
I jumped down onto the snow.
"Yes, Princess OceanBerry."
Princess OceanBerry? I'd never even heard of the name. These snow princesses and stuff need to make something so someone will know who they are.
I noticed a frozen lake-and water!!!! I'd taken swimming lessons just last summer! Hopefully I could remember how to swim.
I slid into the water-AHHH ITS FREEZING!!!!! 

Honestly I never knew any were was this cold!!! Oh well, I guess I'll get used to the freezing temperature. 

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