Monday, June 25, 2012

Jamaa's Mira Festival

I've been with lime, traveling, back to Lime's home, but i'm not sure how long it will take...
so I took Lime to a festival, I know Lime will have fun!
"Here we are!" Said Leaf. "Jamaa's Mira Festival!"
Lime hopped up and down, saying, "Awesome! Why's it called that?"
"For Mira!" Leaf Exclaimed.
"You haven't heard about Mira?"
"No, who is she?"
They walked down the road in the festival, and came across a Lemonade stand, and a white giraffe was selling lemonade!
"Mira is the graceful ruler of Jamaa! There is a statue of her in jamaa township. I will tell you about her when we get back on the road."

Leaf payed for some lemonade, and they walked on, sipping their lemonade
"Hey, what's that?" asked lime.
"Oh, Battle Ships, or Battle Boats! which ever one sinks looses." Answered Leaf.
Just then, the Black boat that had a phantom on it shot a bomb onto the other one

The blow sent the paw print ship backward, but it quickly recovered, and shot a cannon bomb at the Phantom boat.
it set the phantom ship on fire! while Lime and Leaf watched, the phantom ship sent a cannon shot 
Straight towards the other boat, but it missed!

The Pawprint boat Sent a final blow at the Pirate Phantom ship, Making a huge hole in the middle of the side!
The boat quickly filled with water, and slowly sunk.

Lime smiled and said, "I wanted the paw print to win! I'm happy it did!"
Leaf was tired, and she said "Well, lets get to our hotel!"
"We have a hotel?"
"Yes, follow me!"

They went to a hotel, and leaf said her name, and the lady at the desk said "Come this way, your room is on the top floor!

A few minutes later, they were at their room.
"That was fun!" said Leaf.
"Yea!" replied Lime.

Lime's Journal

Today me and Leaf went to the Jamaa Mira Festival! It was so fun! Leaf is going to tell me who Mira is, and I want to know all about her! 
At the festival, we got lemonade! It was the best lemonade I have ever tasted!
We watched a Battle Ship game, and the one I wanted to win won!
I'm glad Lime brought me here, but I can't wait to get back home!